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Songs to Remember
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Henny Durmashldn comes from a highly musical family in Vilno Henny's father, Aldva Durmashldn, was a pioneer in the field of liturgical music. He was world renowned because of his professional association with the most famous cantors of our generation, in the city synagogue of Vilno. Henny's brother, Wolf Durmashkin, was a child prodigy. At the age of six he had already appeared as a pianist before concert audiences. Later on, he had excelled as the celebrated conductor of the Vilno Philharmonic. Such was his devotion to music that even while imprisoned in the Vilno Ghetto he succeeded in organizing an excellent symphony orchestra and Hebrew chorus. Thus his was the first and decisive impetus towards the development of an active cultural life in the Vilno Ghetto. Henny's sister, Fanny Durmashldn, is a gifted and accomplished pianist, and a former pupil of the Vilno-Conservatory. She was the backbone of the Jewish Representative Orchestra in the American zone of Germany. Fanny has a daughter, Sonia Beker. Henny Durmashldn, herself a former student of the Vii noConservatory, possesses the ral'"e musical quality of conveying a song to the heart of an audience. This exceptional ability has made Henny the most beloved and celebrated singer of the Sheel'"it-Hapleita. Henny appeared with the Jewish Representative Orchestra, at the Nurenberg Opera House, before the International Tribunal. Leonard Bernstein, musical director and brilliant conductor of the New York Philharmonic, while on a concert tour in Germany, accompanied Henny on the piano. Henny is the mother of three children, Vivian Reisman, Rita Lerner, Abe Gurl(o and has six grandchildren. In this country Henny and Fanny appeared with great success on radio, stage and various other activities.


Baal Meloches, Freitog ojf der nacht, Reisele, Kachol yam hamaim, Aloo,Aloo, Shotns, Tzu eins, tzwei, drei, Ghetto, Isrolil, Ich will aheim