The Morgenthaus: A Legacy of Service
Robert M. Morgenthau, Henry Morgenthau, Jr., and Henry Morgenthau, Sr. — three men who courageously spoke out against injustice when no one else would — represent more than a century of one family’s dedication to public service. Henry Morgenthau, Sr. became Ambassador to the Ottoman Empire at the outbreak of World War I, while Henry Morgenthau, Jr. served as Secretary of the Treasury during the Great Depression and World War II. As the longest-serving district attorney in New York City, Robert M. Morgenthau effected far-reaching change in the legal system, and inspired new generations of professionals and public servants.

The exhibition explores the fascinating ways in which three generations of a family raised awareness of tragedy around the world, and in doing so changed the course of world events, American politics, and Jewish history.