Mendel's Daughter by Martin Lemelman

Mendel's Daughter by Martin Lemelman
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Just as Art Speigelman's 'Maus' presented a dramatic new framework from which to view the Holocaust, "Mendel's Daughter' combines an unforgettable true story with elegant haunting illustrations to shed new light on one of history's darkest periods. In 1989, Martin Lemelman videotaped his mother, Gusta, as she opened up about the childhood in the 1930's Poland and her eventual escape from Nazi persecution. Now,in 'Mendel's Daughter', Lemelman lovingly transcribes his mother's harrowing testimony, and he brings her narrative to life with his own powerful black-and-white drawings, interspersed with reproductions of actual photos, documents and other relics from that unsettled era. The result is a highly original, authentic and moving account of hope and survival in a time of despair.