Great Bel-Canto Hebrew Arias - Cantor Joseph Malovany

Great Bel-Canto Hebrew Arias - Cantor Joseph Malovany
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Cantor Joseph Malovany performs with the New York Symphony Orchestra on this fantastic CD. Joseph Malovany is an Israeli-born American tenor soloist, cantor of New York's Fifth Avenue Synagogue since 1973, and Distinguished Professor of Liturgical Music at Philip and Sarah Belz School of Jewish Music, Yeshiva University.

Track listings:

1. Psalm 92. Ma Gad'lu

2. The Song Of The Levites (Hashir Shehaleviyim)

3. Mechalkel Chayim (Thou Sustainest The Living)

4. Sh'ma B'ni (Listen My Son)

5. Hachnissini (Shelter Me)

6. Asher Boro (Who Created Joy)

7. Im Eshkachech Yerushalayim (If I Forget Thee O' Jerusalem)

8. Yedid Nefesh (The Soul's Beloved)

9. Shim'i Bat (Listen Daughter)

10. Bein N'har P'rat (Twixt Tigris And Euphrates)

11. Psalm 128 (A Pilgrim Song)