The Golem : An Illustrated Story by Jaroslav E. Sykora

The Golem : An Illustrated Story by Jaroslav E. Sykora
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A legend can be told and retold, interpreted and reinterpreted for centuries. In developing his plot, the narrator usually adds new ideas to it, and abandons old ones to make his story living and up-to-date. The narrator is a sort of creator of the legend, playing with its setting, heroes, and message. He always tells the story in the present, and brings into it his current experience and understanding. So the Golem-legend has been successfully retold by authors of such fame as Isaac Bashevis Singer, Elie Wiesel, Gustav Meyrink, Jiri Voskovec and Jan Werich, Karel Capek, and many more. The Golem: An Illustrated Story for Children and Adults takes the reader to Prague of the late 16th century, showing the status of the Jewish community living alongside Roman Catholics. The author seeks to suggest, through the contemporary attire of the characters, that the hostility of those non-Jews to their Jewish neighbors has contemporary relevance.

About the Author: Jaroslav E. Sıkora was born in the past century in Prague, the Czech Republic, the great city of Charles IV, the Golem story, Jan Hus, Franz Kafka, and Vaclav Havel. For the last seven years, he has been living with his wife and daughter in the United States (Brooklyn, NY). In the past, his restless mind and curiosity have led him to many occupations. So he is an experienced software developer, university professor, scholar, and a self-taught enthusiast in many other activities (song-writing, gardening, photography). He finally ended up as a web designer, Flash animator, illustrator, and writer of books for children. Currently, he teaches kids aged six through eight, for whom he drew the Golem story. You find more about his work at