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Among the recently discovered works by Czech-Jewish composers written at the concentration camp Terezín (a way-station to the Nazi gas chambers) was the children's opera Brundibár (Czech for "bumblebee") by Hans Krása, born in Prague in 1899 and murdered in Auschwitz in 1944. Performed by the camp's children 55 times - with the cast changing as the performers were deported and killed - it became a symbol of the prisoners' undaunted creativity. Assessing the purely musical quality of the Terezín works is almost impossible in view of the wrenching circumstances of their inception and the composers' still developing talents and creative powers. The miracle is that they exist at all.

Michael Drumheller (Performer), Morgan Smith (Performer), Laura DeLuca (Performer), Hans Krasa (Composer), Lori Laitman (Composer), Gerard Schwarz (Conductor), Music of Remembrance (Orchestra), Craig Sheppard (Performer), David Korn (Performer), Holly Boaz (Performer), Maureen McKay (Performer), Jadd Davis (Performer), Ross Hauck (Performer), Auston James (Performer), Evan Woltz (Performer), Jesse Parce (Performer)